The objects of the Association are:

  • the advancement and maintenance of the judiciary as a separate and independent branch of government
  • to liaise with the Canadian Judicial Council to improve the administration of justice and to complement its functions through conferences, seminars, educational and other programs
  • to provide a collegial forum to meet and discuss matters of common interest for the purpose of improving the administration of justice
  • to take such actions and make such representations as may be appropriate in order to assure that the salaries and other benefits guaranteed by s. 100 of the Constitution Act, 1867, and provided by the Judges Act, R.S.C. 1985, Cap. J-1, are maintained at levels and in a manner which is fair and reasonable and which reflects the importance of a competent and dedicated judiciary
  • to concern itself with the provisions of the Judges Act and the procedures it establishes pertaining to complaints, investigations and inquiries concerning the conduct of judges, and to provide appropriate guidelines and assistance to its members in relation to those matters
  • to play a role in determining policy for the continuing education of judges and in the work of the National Judicial Institute
  • to seek to achieve a better public understanding of the role of the judiciary in the administration of justice, and in so doing to initiate or support programs of public education and public relations
  • to monitor, and where appropriate, seek enhancement of the level of support services available to the judiciary, in cooperation with the Canadian Judicial Council
  • to address the needs and concerns of supernumerary and retired judges.