Welcome from the President’s Desk

Welcome to the website of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association (CSCJA). Founded in 1979, the CSCJA represents nearly all federally appointed judges in Canada. Its objectives include protecting and enhancing judicial independence, giving judges a forum where they can meet and exchange on issues of common interest, contributing to the education of judges, the improvement of the administration of justice, and dealing with issues concerning the review of judicial conduct.

The CSCJA is governed by a Council composed of approximately 50 members from all Canadian provinces and territories, a Board of Directors composed of 19 members, and an Executive Committee of five members. This year, I will be relying heavily on the assistance of Vice-President Michèle Monast of the Québec Superior Court, Treasurer Mona Lynch of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Secretary Clayton Conlan of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario and Past President Tom Cyr, of the Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick.

Much of the work done by the Association is done by many judges from across the country who make up our various committees [1]. These judges volunteer many hours of their personal time in pursuing the objectives of the Association. Their work is essential to the proper functioning of the CSCJA and is most appreciated.

In the coming year, the Association will be dealing with the consequences of the global pandemic and we hope, like many of you, to return to a sense of normalcy in both the work we do as judges and in the operation of the Association.

This year will present many challenges. The Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission is required to produce a report by September 30, 2021 and the Association will be busy considering the substance of their report and awaiting governmental response. The Association appreciates, and will no doubt be guided by, recommendations of our hard-working Compensation Committee, with representatives from across the country who provided leadership and direction in the Association’s approach to the hearings before the Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission in May 2021.

Additionally, the Association looks forward to the implementation, through federal legislation, of a revised conduct review process. In the past, the Association has advanced concerns about an equitable process for our members, a process which would also protect the public interest and enable the maintenance of a competent and independent judiciary. We support the draft legislation advanced by government on this issue and we look forward to working with the Canadian Judicial Council in doing the necessary work to ensure a successful implementation of this revised process.

This year will no doubt be a busy year for our association. I wish to thank the members of Council, the Board, the Executive Committee, and the various members who sit on our numerous working committees for the work that they will no doubt be undertaking in this next year on behalf of all Superior Court judges in Canada.

If you are new to our Association, I urge you to explore our website and be in touch with members of Council from your province or territory if you wish to become involved on a higher level with the Association. I can say from personal experience that it has been a very rewarding part of my judicial career to date, and I look forward to the challenges in the year ahead.

Joel Groves
President, 2021/2022

[1] Access to Justice Committee, Compensation Committee, Communications Committee, Judicial Independence Committee, Insurance Committee, International Relations Committee, Judicial Support Program Committee, Judicial Conduct Review Committee, Membership Committee, Planning Committee, Education Committee, Retired Judges Committee, Technology Committee.
Joel Groves

The Hon. Mr. Justice Joel R. Groves