Teaching Tools

The CSCJA offers educators three options to help us increase understanding of Canada’s justice system and the role of judges among students and the public.

  1. Law Day Talks
  2. “Judges in Canada” Video Series
  3. “Try Judging” Interactive Program

Law Day Talks

Originated by the Canadian Bar Association in 1983, Law Day is a national event every April to celebrate the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding of the law and the justice system, and the role of judges and lawyers.

As part of our outreach activities, during the last two weeks in April, we offer high schools across Canada the opportunity to have a judge give a virtual talk on the vital role the judiciary serves in guaranteeing an open, independent and unbiased judicial system. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about how the Canadian justice system works and have their questions answered.

These free sessions are delivered by our national member network in their communities. For questions and to be added to the notification list to book a talk, please email us.

“Judges in Canada” Video Series

We have created a four-part video series for the public, primarily young people, that illustrates the principles fundamental to our justice system and what they are entitled to> expect from judges in Canadian courts.

Our narrator, The Honorable Judge Samuel Moreau of the Provincial Court of Nova Scotia, walks the viewer through the story of a young man named Weldon who becomes involved in a car accident while returning his child to her mother from whom he is separated. This results in criminal charges. The child’s mother then applies to the Family Court to seek restrictions on his contact with his child.

Download the Teacher’s Guide.

Vignette #1: Weldon’s Adventures – Judges in Canada

Vignette #2: What Chance Does Weldon Have in the Canadian Legal System? Judges in Canada

Vignette #3: Weldon at the Courthouse – Judges in Canada

Vignette #4: The Rule of Law – Judges in Canada

All in one video: Judicial Independence and The Rule of Law – Judges in Canada

“Try Judging” Interactive Program

We have designed this program to be integrated into high school social studies, civics and law courses. It introduces students to the role of judges within our judicial system, and encourages them to explore important concepts such as the rule of law, judicial independence and judicial impartiality.

The program is built around five guiding questions, which lead students through five case scenarios that highlight the role of judges in Canada’s judicial system.

  • Module 1: Why Do We Need Judges?
  • Module 2: Why Must Judges Be Fair and Impartial?
  • Module 3: What is the Judge’s Role in the Justice System?
  • Module 4: How Do Judges Make Decisions?
  • Module 5: Why Are Judicial Independence and Judicial Impartiality So Important?

Download the Teacher’s Guide.

Scenario 1: Drugs in the Backpack.

Scenario 2: Hotel Sues Youths who Damage Hotel Room.

Scenario 3: Teacher Sued for Assaulting Student

Scenario 4: Bail Hearing in Armed Robbery Case

Scenario 5: The Protest